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15 Affordable Strategies to Grow Your Small Business

By April 27, 2022Uncategorized
Grow Your Small Business

15 Affordable Strategies to Grow Your Small Business
(includes a couple resources by Kevin Kelly, Jason Williams and Sam McKeown)

What’s your plan for investing in businesses?

My business doesn’t work well with the average person. It would not be interesting if it did! The biggest hurdle is time management.

You can create something so good that you’re going away forever unless you have money; otherwise you’ll never get around…but I’m trying to use this process as an opportunity: Find out what kind of tools do other people need when they start their own small business.

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15 Affordable Strategies to Grow Your Small Business.

I have been writing about entrepreneurship for nearly 20 years. These are my top seven strategies that will make you more likely succeed with your business:

1) Be Yourself

2- Read The Book

3- Read

4- Share What You’ve Learned

5- Build A Great Team

6- Ask For Help

7- Learn To Pay And Behave Like A Real Human Being

8- Respect People’s Companies

9- Get Involved

10- Own It Somehow

11- Use Knowledge & Experience

12- Take Care Of Others

13- Don’t Think Too Much About Failure

14- Make Someone Else Laugh

15- Understand My LifeĀ 

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